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How to reconfigure Drupal to work with your new host

Transferring your Drupal application consists of copying your files and database and modifying the settings.php file in the sites/default folder.

The most important setting which needs modifying in settings.php is:

db_url - the MySQL details for your Drupal;
the format you should follow is mysql://username:password@localhost/databasename,
for example : $db_url = 'mysql://user_drpl1:password@localhost/user_drpl1';

You should also make sure that the RewriteBase rule in the .htaccess file is correct.
For example, if your Drupal is placed in your account's main public_html folder, the RewriteBase rule should be: RewriteBase /

Most people who decide to move their website(s) to HostingMillions Inc. from another host do so without any downtime, stressful situations or loss of data. If someone you know could use this reference then please feel free to share it.