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How to reconfigure FrontPage to work with your new host

***** Microsoft Corp. has discontinued the FrontPage development in 2006 and this software is now completely outdated, but HostingMillions Inc. servers are still compatible with FrontPage.*****

How to transfer my FrontPage website from one host to another?

If the new host supports FrontPage extensions, then all you have to do is transfer the files over and enable FrontPage extensions on the new host.

However, since Microsoft has discontinued the development of FrontPage, most hosting providers no longer offer it. The best solution in this case is to migrate your FrontPage website to Dreamweaver.

You can migrate your website from FrontPage to Dreamweaver with the help of several additional extensions provided by Adobe.

These extensions include:

- an import wizard which will help you import your existing FrontPage site to Dreamweaver
- a cleanup tool which will help you remove any additional code added by FrontPage
- a publishing tool which will help you publish your website through HTTP instead of FTP

More information on how to use these extensions and migrate your site from FrontPage to Dreamweaver is available on the Adobe Website.

Most people who decide to move their website(s) to HostingMillions Inc. from another host do so without any downtime, stressful situations or loss of data. If someone you know could use this reference then please feel free to share it.