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How to reconfigure WordPress to work with your new host

Transferring your WordPress application consists of copying your files and database and modifying the wp-config.php file in your main WordPress folder.

In wp-config.php you will need change the MySQL settings:

DB_NAME - here you should enter the name of the WordPress database,
for example : define('DB_NAME', 'user_wrdp1');

DB_USER - here you should enter the username with privileges to access the blog database,
for example : define('DB_USER', 'user_wrdp1');

DB_PASSWORD - the password for accessing the database:
define('DB_PASSWORD', 'password');

DB_HOST - the MySQL host; in most cases you won't have to change this:
define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');

In case you wish to use the transferred application with another domain, or in another folder, you should also change the siteurl and home options in your WordPress database. You can do this using the phpMyAdmin tool available in your cPanel. Once in phpMyAdmin, select your WordPress database and browse the table wp_options. Find the options siteurl and home and change their values to the desired URL.

Most people who decide to move their website(s) to HostingMillions Inc. from another host do so without any downtime, stressful situations or loss of data. If someone you know could use this reference then please feel free to share it.