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HostingMillions Inc. How to transfer your website to another host

Most people who decide to move their website(s) to HostingMillions Inc. from another host do so without any downtime, stressful situations or loss of data.

Basically, moving a website to another host consists of the following steps:

1. Moving the website's files.
(If you have a smaller website you may create a public_html backup using the backup on your Cpanel or a full backup depending on your needs.) The most convenient way to transfer your website's files to your new web hosting account is through FTP. You can connect to your old hosting account and download the public_html files locally (to your desktop). Then you should upload them to your new hosting account's main folder (usually public_html).

a. Purchase a web hosting package with HostingMillions Inc. - but do not cancel your account with your current provider just yet.
b. Use the login information provided with your new HostingMillions Inc. account to access your new server space. (Note: when we send your account login information email, you will see there are two ways to log in.)
     b1. The first is a temporary IP login address
     b2. The second is
Use your temporary IP login address to get into your cPanel, upload your files and set up your email addresses and databases on our servers. (Note: email received prior to your domain residing on your new account are on your previous host's servers and must be forwarded from those servers in order for you to retain them.)

2. Moving the website's database(s) (if it uses any).
Transferring the databases is really easy through "phpmyadmin". You simply have to export the databases from your old hosting account using phpmyadmin by clicking on the database to export, then click on the export tab. Select all the tables, check Add DROP TABLE and Save as file. Leave all other options untouched. Finally, click "go" to save it in SQL format to your PC. Create a new database in your new hosting account and import the downloaded SQL file into it using phpmyadmin. (*note: you will need to reconfigure your files (example: config.php) to accept the new user and passwords assigned and you may also change the database name if you want so long as it's reflected in the file along with the new user and password) Your Done!

3. Reconfiguring your application(s) to work from the new location.
How to configure your website to work from its new location in most cases depends on the specific application you are using.

* How to reconfigure Joomla 1.5
* How to reconfigure Drupal
* How to reconfigure WordPress
* How to reconfigure osCommerce
* How to reconfigure ZenCart
* How to reconfigure CubeCart
* How to reconfigure Mambo
* How to reconfigure Frontpage
* How to reconfigure phpBB2

4. Pointing your domain's DNS to the new host.
Finally, you have to change the nameservers for your domain name to that of your new host. Once your website files, emails and databases are set up on our servers, you need to change your domain name's DNS (domain name server) settings. Only then will your HostingMillions Inc. hosting be live.

How to change your DNS:
1. If HostingMillions Inc. registered your domain name, we haves automatically set the DNS settings to match HostingMillions Inc's.
2. If you already have a domain name, we will send you the DNS settings and instructions in your login information email.
3. If your domain name was registered with a domain registrar, you may have an access login to change your DNS settings yourself.

Additionally, if your domain name was registered with another hosting company, you will likely want to transfer it to HostingMillions Inc.

1. HostingMillions Inc.'s domain name department can help you transfer your domain name to HostingMillions Inc..
2. Please submit a support ticket. Do this through or by logging into your cPanel and clicking on "Submit a support request" under the "Advanced" heading.
3. Please include the domain name you want transferred to HostingMillions Inc. in your ticket.
4. Once the domain is transferred, we will change the DNS settings for you and your site will be live with HostingMillions Inc.
5. You may also ask your old host to change the DNS settings to ours before you transfer your site to us.

Your HostingMillions Inc. site is now live! At this point, your domain name will start to redirect to our servers across the Internet and will do so at different times in different locations (called "propagation"). As the DNS propagation to our servers takes place, your site will become visible from our servers. This process will take 24-72 hours.

As your domain name is propagating (through our DNS) to our servers, your website and emails will be picked up by HostingMillions Inc. servers and, at the same time, go offline with your old host's servers. All the functions of your site and emails continue without interruption.

At this point, you may cancel your previous hosting service, if you have not already done so.